Tension? How CBD oil can relieve pain

Tension is not only annoying but can also cause enormous pain in the human body. They usually occur in the back or neck and have the power to significantly restrict your everyday life. Of course, it is not always advisable to immediately resort to medication, as there are also natural remedies such as CBD oil.

But can CBD oil relieve tension? CBD has an effect on the muscles and is known to have a relaxing, pain-relieving and harmonizing effect. This is why CBD oil can help relieve tension in the body.

In this article, you will learn more about the effect of CBD oil on tension, as well as some interesting information about tension itself. We reveal how they arise and how you can prevent them so that you can lead a relaxed life again.

To understand how CBD affects tension, you need to know what CBD is. CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient from the hemp plant. Its healing effect has been proven by many studies. According to these studies, CBD has a pain-relieving, calming and anti-inflammatory effect. CBD is a natural active ingredient that is not psychoactive, so it does not get you high and can be consumed legally.

However, you should consult your doctor before you start using CBD. It should be clarified whether CBD oil is suitable for you. If you are experiencing severe pain, it is also advisable to consult a doctor.

CBD oil helps relieve tension in five ways

The cannabinoids work in conjunction with the body's own endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS consists of cannabinoid receptors and the corresponding neurotransmitters, the cannabinoids. Together, this forms a complex network that extends throughout the entire body. It therefore plays an essential role in maintaining biological balance.

According to the study by the Freiburg University Medical Center, CBD can offer several mechanisms of action.

Below we show you the five mechanisms of action of high-quality CBD that are of particular interest in the case of tension:

  1. Muscle relaxation: CBD has the ability to act in a similar way to diazepam and other benzodiazepines. Unlike these chemical drugs, however, CBD is by no means addictive. It relaxes the muscles and the effects of inner tension in a natural way.
  2. Improved oxygen transport to the muscles: CBD improves the transport of oxygen to the muscles and thus accelerates the healing of minor injuries (sore muscles).
  3. Improved blood flow to the muscles: Not only is oxygen transported better thanks to CBD, but also blood. The improved blood circulation supplies the muscles with all the necessary nutrients, which can relieve tension.
  4. Relaxes and improves sleep: very severe tension has a negative effect on sleep. CBD has a calming effect, which can improve the quality of sleep. Your muscles get more time to recover sufficiently and you are less stressed.
  5. Pain relief: Without muscle pain or headaches, life is much more relaxed. Your body can concentrate much better on healing. CBD has a pain-relieving effect, making it much easier for you to relax.

How does tension develop?

The causes of tension can be manifold. Stiff muscles in the neck and spine are usually the result of poor posture or incorrect strain. The permanent overstraining of the muscles leads to reduced blood circulation and oxygen supply.

Other causes of tension

  • Excessive training: Sport and general physical activity are healthy, but overuse can lead to muscle injuries or muscle soreness.
  • Stress: A stressful everyday life not only has a negative impact on your psyche, but can also cause muscle tension. This is usually noticeable in the neck and back.
  • Injuries: An injured muscle hurts while it is recovering. After regeneration, it can continue to be tense.
  • Spasms: These cause muscles to cramp, which in turn leads to pain and stiffness. Neurological diseases in particular, including multiple sclerosis, can cause spasticity.
The symptoms of tension

Tension can manifest itself in many different clinical pictures and occur in many different regions of the body.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • muscle pain
  • sleep disorders
  • severe pain
  • postural problems
  • stress
  • other psychological and physical stresses

If you suffer from chronic or recurring tension, you should see a doctor. They can examine you and clarify whether there is a serious illness behind the symptoms.

How to effectively prevent tension

In times of working from home, the number of people suffering from tension is also increasing. In particular, people who spend a lot of time at their desk often have to deal with painful tension in their back, neck and shoulders.

Many people also suffer from tension after a long car journey or a long flight.

But this doesn't have to be the case. With a few little tricks, you can easily prevent tension in everyday life.

  • Exercise: You should get enough exercise, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk. It is not important that you run a marathon, but that you integrate a little more movement into your everyday life. For example, you could take the stairs instead of the elevator. During your lunch break, you could go for a short walk or do a few simple stretching exercises. This will help your tense muscles to loosen up a little.
  • Compensation: Make sure you have a sufficient balance to your stressful everyday life. It can help if you learn relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training. Meditation and yoga can also help you to relax your muscles and yourself.
  • Self-massage: Apply gentle pressure to your painful areas and try to follow the affected muscle. You can intensify the massage with circular movements at the point where the tension is greatest.
  • Heat: Heat is an excellent way to prevent tense muscles. Lie down in a bathtub with warm water or make yourself a "hot roll". To do this, roll a towel lengthways and then squeeze it tightly. Slowly pour hot water into the towel. Wait until the water seeps out. Then place it on the tense neck.
  • CBD oil: Due to its relaxing and pain-relieving effect, you can use high-quality CBD oil as a remedy. As it is not addictive, it is ideal as a preventative measure for tension and for preventative use.
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Things you should consider when buying CBD oil

You should pay attention to several factors when buying CBD. This is the only way to ensure that you do not fall for inferior products.

The following list shows you what you should consider:

  • Legal situation: you should make sure that the purchase and use of CBD is legal in your region or country.
  • Origin and cultivation: When selecting CBD oil, make sure that it is not contaminated with pesticides or herbicides. The hemp should only be organically grown.
  • Product reviews and brand reputation: Research the reviews of other buyers and the reputation of the brand.
  • Value for money: Compare prices to ensure that the price reflects the quality of the product.
  • Packaging and labeling: Make sure the product is properly labeled. Information on dosage, ingredients and storage instructions should always be included.

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Tension can reduce your quality of life considerably. So it's all the better that you can do something about the tension with a natural remedy - high-quality CBD oil. Not only does it relieve your tension, but according to the studies mentioned, it also has a pain-relieving and circulation-promoting effect and ensures that you feel less stress, which in turn can cause tension.

However, it is also important that you look for the cause of your tension so that you can treat and prevent it effectively.

In combination with the natural effect of CBD, you will soon be able to lead a relaxed, pain-free and normal life again and, above all, enjoy it.

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