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Our mindset

At Raw Organics, we have a clear vision: we want to offer the absolute best CBD oil to consumers in Sweden and the rest of the world. The clear vision has made us one of Europe's leading suppliers of CBD products. We control the entire process from the seed that is planted in the soil to the CBD product that is delivered to you. We guarantee a CBD oil where no compromise has been made on its purity or production method.

The story behind Raw Organics

Raw Organics was founded by Jesper Thomassen in 2017 with a vision of being able to give freedom to the individual. A freedom to decide how to heal yourself.

CBD can help many people. I think it should be a human right to decide for yourself how to heal. Everyone has the right to a free choice. I will do everything in my power to give you that freedom.

With that vision, Jesper set about creating and developing a natural product that is today one of the best cannabis oils on the market. He has succeeded because he does not compromise with Raw Organics. All products are therefore continuously tested by Raw Organics themselves for cannabinoid content, quality and that they are free from pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities.

Who do we support?

Raw Organics supports things we believe are important. Whether it concerns measures to clean the seawater from plastic, supporting the sanctuary's sports club or the Danish ecological communities, we do it with pride. We annually invest a larger and larger amount back into our society, which i.a. by 2022 has meant 250 kg less plastic in the oceans through the Danish project Resea, a main sponsorship of the Danish ecological country associations and sponsorship of Fristadens fotbolsklubb (CSC), and we are humbled and grateful to be able to do this. We thank our loyal customers for their contributions over the years so we can give back.

Meet the people behind Raw Organics

Why choose CBD oil from Raw Organics?

For us, it's quite simple: Because we deliver a super-pure premium oil in a quality that is hard to find anywhere else, because we simply do not compromise anywhere in the production chain. We are present ourselves to make sure that everything happens according to our high standards . The high demands and uncompromisingness therefore do not make us the cheapest supplier of CBD oil on the market. In return, we offer unique oils created with love that you cannot find anywhere else.

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