Whitey 5% (CBGa oil)

Whitey 5% (CBGa oil)

Unique CBGa oil from USA

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Whitey 5% (CBGa oil)

Whitey 5% (CBGa oil)

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Cannabis extract, mct oil

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  • 10ml bottle with 14% Cannabinoid content
  • High content of CBGa and other minor cannabinoids
  • Rich in terpenes and cannaflavins
  • Significantly different effect than regular CBD
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Full spectrum CBGa oil

The White is our first CBG oil, unlike many other oils on the market, it is a CBGa oil, that is, it is RAW, just like our Charlotta.It contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes, which in our opinion are essential if you want an effective product.We have called her "Whitey" because her flowers are chalk white. The White is extracted from a unique plant that has been bred specifically for CBG production. However, we cannot take credit for having grown her ourselves, as it is our friends from Oregon, USA, who have raised the plant and were responsible for the production.

CBG is the parent cannabinoid

CBG is a different cannabinoid than CBD and THC.CBG is called the mother cannabinoid because she is the source of all other cannabinoids.There are a lot of exciting trials going on with CBGa that you can find on the web if you do a little searching, but our personal experience is that the oil works significantly differently than CBD, and those who have tried it so far are very enthusiastic about it.

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