Use of Medical CBD

Albania has recently joined the list of European countries legalizing medical cannabis and industrial hemp, aiming to enhance its tax revenue through this legislative change. 

This decision reflects a strategic move to capitalize on the economic potential of the cannabis industry, demonstrating a significant shift toward recognizing the benefits of cannabis and hemp for both medical purposes and industrial applications.


In June 2023, the Council of Ministers in Albania gave their approval to a draft bill aimed at legalizing the cultivation of cannabis for both medical and industrial uses. 

Despite this progressive step, there remains a need for more specific legislation or guidelines pertaining to CBD, resulting in a climate of confusion and uncertainty regarding its legal status. For those considering importing or purchasing CBD products in Albania, it is strongly recommended to seek clarification from the appropriate regulatory bodies in advance. 


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Laws regarding CBD oil are subject to change and may vary.