Penalties if Caught

If you are found in possession of it in Egypt, you could be subjected to a minimum sentence of one year in prison, along with a fine starting from 1,000 Egyptian pounds. Despite the severity of these laws, their enforcement is not always stringent. As a result, the consumption of cannabis is relatively widespread throughout the nation.

Public Opinion on CBD

In Egypt, public opinion on cannabis is split. Some individuals support the idea of legalizing the plant for both medicinal and recreational uses, while others strongly object on religious and cultural grounds. 

Nonetheless, it's important to recognize that marijuana usage is quite prevalent, especially among the younger demographic, even against the backdrop of stringent regulations and the significant consequences for those apprehended with the drug.

Traveling to Egypt with CBD

If you're considering traveling to Egypt and bringing CBD products with you, it's important to reconsider. In Egypt, cannabis and all its derivatives, including hemp-derived CBD, are strictly forbidden. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to bring any CBD products into the country to avoid legal issues. This precaution is essential to ensure a trouble-free visit, respecting the country's stringent drug laws.

Summary and conclusion

Egypt enforces a zero-tolerance stance on CBD, which is not legally recognized as a permissible substance within the country. Being caught with CBD can lead to a fine beginning at 1,000 Egyptian pounds. Consequently, it is highly advised against bringing any CBD products into Egypt to prevent any legal complications. This recommendation is crucial for those planning to visit or pass through Egypt, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding potential legal issues.