Conditions for the use of CBD

The rule in place stipulates that the THC content must not exceed 0.2%. There are no legal restrictions on the personal production of CBD Oil, provided that the cannabis strain utilized is one with low THC levels. Furthermore, the CBD product must originate from a licensed producer.

Traveling with CBD to Brazil

According to legal guidelines, the THC concentration in your CBD product must not exceed 0.2% if you intend to carry CBD on a flight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) calculates this percentage on a dry weight basis, indicating the plant's weight after removing at least 87% of its water content.

Bringing CBD products into Brazil is permitted, provided the aforementioned criteria are satisfied. It's crucial to remember that importing CBD products into Brazil necessitates obtaining approval from Anvisa (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency).


The use of CBD is permitted as long as the THC content does not surpass 0.2%. This regulation ensures that the THC level remains below 0.2%. Personal production of CBD Oil is legally unrestricted as long as the cannabis strain chosen has low THC concentrations. For those planning to travel with CBD, legal standards require that the THC content in the CBD product must not exceed 0.2%.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Laws regarding CBD oil are subject to change and may vary.