CBD legislation in Belgium

In Belgium, while the possession or sale of controlled substances is illegal, the personal use of certain drugs, such as cannabis, is not considered a criminal offense under national law. For first-time offenses involving possession of cannabis for personal use, without any aggravating factors, the penalty is limited to a fine of up to 200 EUR. This approach marks a legal distinction between cannabis and other prohibited substances.

Belgium, as a member of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), and the European Council (EC), adheres to international treaties that restrict the large-scale cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis. The country's drug policy has evolved and continues to evolve within the constraints of both international and European legal frameworks, ensuring compliance while addressing the specifics of its national context.

Medical Cannabis

In Belgium, cannabis for medical use is permitted under certain conditions, with its usage becoming more common. Medications derived from cannabis, such as those with a granted marketing authorization (for example, Sativex), can be dispensed with a doctor's prescription. 

Additionally, since February 2020, CBD oil intended for external application has been available for sale in pharmacies. This development reflects Belgium's progressive stance on cannabis, recognizing its potential benefits in the medical field while ensuring regulated access through healthcare professionals.

Traveling with CBD to Belgium

As a signatory to international treaties governed by the UN, EU, and EC, Belgium mandates compliance with these agreements, especially concerning CBD products. When traveling, it's crucial to ensure that any CBD products you carry contain THC levels of 0.2% or lower. 

To prevent any potential misunderstandings, it is wise to carry documentation or proof of the THC content in your products. This precautionary measure helps to navigate the legal landscape smoothly and avoid complications while in Belgium or crossing international borders.


In Belgium, the legality of CBD hinges on its THC content being 0.2% or less, and it must not be advertised for medical or therapeutic purposes. While the possession or sale of controlled substances are against the law, having cannabis for personal use is not deemed a criminal act according to national legislation. 

Cannabis-based medications, like Sativex, which have received marketing authorization, are available via prescription from a doctor. For individuals traveling with CBD products, it's essential to have documentation or evidence of the THC content to prevent any legal misunderstandings. This ensures compliance with Belgian laws and regulations concerning cannabis and CBD products.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Laws regarding CBD oil are subject to change and may vary.