How To Legally Obtain Cannabis In Uruguay 

In Uruguay, registered users have three legal options to obtain marijuana: buying it from pharmacies, cultivating it at home for personal use, and being a member of an officially recognized cannabis club that produces it.

Individuals can purchase up to 10 grams of marijuana per week from pharmacies at a price per gram set by the government. Buyers must register using their fingerprints, which helps enforce the weekly purchase limit at the point of sale. Only two varieties of cannabis are available, with a THC content capped at 9% and a CBD content not less than 3%.

Households are allowed to cultivate up to six female cannabis plants but are limited to harvesting no more than 480 grams of marijuana annually.

You can become a member of or establish a non-profit cannabis club, which is permitted to grow cannabis exclusively for its members. These clubs are required to have between 15 and 45 members, and they are limited to cultivating a maximum of 99 plants. Each member is entitled to receive up to 480 grams of marijuana per year.

Legislation on Cannabis in Uruguay

Uruguay has historically not criminalized the personal possession of drugs. A law from 1974 enabled judges to decide if a possession case was for personal or commercial purposes. This legislation was updated in 1998. Law No. 19.172 permits citizens and permanent residents of Uruguay to grow, buy, and use cannabis for personal consumption.

Import and export of CBD in Uruguay

Cannabis seeds are legal for use, purchase, and sale in Uruguay. Cultivating plants from these seeds is permissible, and they can also be freely shared or given away. However, since cannabis is not allowed to be exported, these seeds cannot be sent from Uruguay to other countries. Mailing cannabis seeds into Uruguay, on the other hand, is legal.


Cannabis is legal in Uruguay, making it one of the most widely used substances within the country. There are three legal methods to acquire Cannabis:

  1. Individuals are allowed to buy up to 10 grams of marijuana each week from pharmacies, with the price per gram determined by the government.
  2. Households have the permission to grow up to six female cannabis plants, though they are restricted to a maximum annual yield of 480 grams of marijuana.
  3. Joining or forming a non-profit cannabis club is an option. These clubs are authorized to cultivate cannabis solely for their members.

Additionally, cannabis seeds can be legally used, bought, and sold in Uruguay, but cannot be mailed from Uruguay to other countries. However, importing cannabis seeds into Uruguay is permitted.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Laws regarding CBD oil are subject to change and may vary.