Industrial Hemp Cultivation

Turkey has shown some openness towards the cultivation of industrial hemp. In 2016, the government legalized controlled cannabis production in 19 provinces, primarily for medical and scientific purposes.

Hemp cultivation for fiber, seed, and stalk is permissible with a license from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. However, cultivating cannabis without a license is illegal and subject to severe penalties.

Guidance for Consumers and Tourists

Given the strict regulations, consumers and tourists should exercise caution. Bringing or using cannabis or CBD products in Turkey, including those for medical purposes, should be avoided unless one has a prescription and the products are approved by Turkish health authorities.

In summary, while Turkey has made some strides in allowing medical cannabis and industrial hemp cultivation, the overall stance on cannabis, including CBD, remains conservative and strictly regulated. For anyone considering the use of CBD in Turkey, it's essential to understand the potential legal implications and seek guidance from local legal experts.

Medical Cannabis in Turkey

The Turkish government allows limited use of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals for medical purposes. Since 2016, the Ministry of Health has approved the sale of certain cannabis-based medicines like Sativex, which require a physician’s prescription.

These are typically allowed for severe medical conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, psychiatric disorders, pain, and spasms.

Law No. 1924 on the Control of Narcotic Drugs

Regulation on the Control of Narcotic Drugs

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