Indonesia's Drug Laws

It's important to understand that despite the legalization of medical cannabis in some countries, Indonesia has NOT legalized cannabis in any form as of March 2021. The penalties for possession have become more stringent. 

Cannabis was outlawed in Indonesia back in 1927 during the Dutch colonial era, and these laws remain effective today. In Bali, all forms of cannabis, whether for medical or recreational use, including hemp, CBD, THC, hash, and edibles, are treated with the same severity as class 1 and 2 narcotics. This applies to both topical and oral uses. Everything related to cannabis is illegal.

Traveling with CBD to Indonesia

Given the country's strict drug laws, importing CBD into Indonesia is strongly discouraged. To repeat, the possession of or dealing with any drugs including CBD Oil, THC Oil (even if prescribed), medical Marijuana, cookies, edibles is indictable due to Indonesian law. As of January 2020, the data shows that the minimum expense to offenders is one month in prison and a minimum USD $50,000.00 in fines and fees.

Summary and Conclusion

Owning or dealing in CBD Oil, THC Oil (even if prescribed), Medical Marijuana, cookies, and edibles is illegal. As of March 2021, Indonesia has not legalized cannabis in any capacity. It is strongly advised against bringing CBD into Indonesia. According to data from January 2020, the minimum penalty for such offenses is one month in prison and at least USD $50,000.00 in fines and fees.

Always verify the local laws and regulations before traveling with substances like CBD. The legal status of CBD differs globally, and it is the individual's duty to make sure their actions comply with the laws of the destination country.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Laws regarding CBD oil are subject to change and may vary.